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Important tips to know about basement flat renovation

basement flat renovation

Important tips to know about basement flat renovation

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Let’s talk about basement flat renovation. As most of our time is now spent at home, many people are looking for creative methods to increase their living quarters without having to relocate.

Those fortunate enough to have a basement can benefit much from finishing or upgrading that room.

A well-designed basement renovation is a terrific investment that will increase your home’s value, whether you want to add more bedrooms, an in-law suite, a home office, more storage, or more space to party.

If you want the best benefits and results from your basement remodel, keep the following in mind.

Make room for multiple uses during basement flat renovation

basement flat renovation

There is a growing awareness that the need to carve apart specific areas of the house for specific purposes, such as a home gym, home office, and basement flat renovation, is increasing due to the increased density of the average household.

Many modern homeowners are making the most of their living space by converting some of their rooms into more than one use, such as a family room that can also function as a guest bedroom or a leisure area that can also function as a home gym.

Storage ottomans on wheels, couches and chairs, wall beds, and built-in storage systems are just a few examples of the multifunctional furniture available today.


It is possible to generate income from basement apartments

A basement apartment can be a lucrative investment and a steady stream of income, but there are some extra steps you need to take to make sure it’s legal.

This includes zoning laws, occupancy limits, fire codes, electrical codes, and permits.

An accomplished general contractor will see to it that you fulfill all prerequisites at this point.

They will aid you in developing a plan that meets essential criteria, such as a private entrance and a minimum ceiling height (min. 7 ft), and in selecting long-lasting, low-maintenance materials and finishes.


Consider having a bathroom in the basement flat renovation

Suppose you have a lot of adolescents around your house. In that case, you may like to add another restroom during the basement flat renovation.

After the COVID outbreak has subsided, you can start inviting people around again. The key is to know exactly what it is you want and how much room you have to put it in. It’s important to make sure your bathroom is built and sealed correctly to prevent water damage.

Suppose you have a three-piece bathroom or a stand-alone shower. In that case, you should consider installing a waterproofing membrane over the substructure and buying an extraction fan to reduce humidity.


basement flat renovation

Think about light sources

While basements have earned a reputation as dingy and uninviting over the years, a few well-placed lights may make a difference.

Allow as much natural light from the sun to enter your basement as you can by installing windows and doors. Constructors should be consulted about the possibility of expanding already installed windows to increase available daylight.

Remember that you’ll need permissions for this, and be careful not to undermine the house’s structural load. If this is not possible, it is important to remember to use many light sources. Recessed lighting, often called pot lights, is frequently used in basements because of its reputation for enhancing the quality of the room.

But you may want to supplement the overall effect with task and accent lighting.

Keep in mind that a certified electrician will ensure all the wiring is done properly in‌ basement flat renovation and will likely recommend installing a separate panel for the area if you are constructing an entire basement apartment.

There is no need to worry about overloading your current panel, but this will be more expensive.


Pick the right flooring


The subfloor is also crucial to the comfort and lifespan of your flooring, so much so that it is sometimes overlooked in basement flat renovation when deciding on the other aspects of a basement remodel that is just as critical.

An area for drainage and moisture, rigid foam insulation, and a composite layer substrate for the flooring are all part of a specialty subfloor.

The installation of a heated floor is another excellent choice that would be especially appreciated in a bathroom located in a basement.

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