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10 Easy, Low-Budget Ways for Small Kitchen Renovation

Small Kitchen Renovation

10 Easy, Low-Budget Ways for Small Kitchen Renovation

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These 10 simple upgrades will help you do a Small Kitchen Renovation, even if you don’t spend a lot of money on them.

Small Kitchen Renovation with Changing the Lighting in the Room

If your kitchen’s lighting is too dim or you don’t like the overhead light, it’s time to change your new Small Kitchen Renovation! It’s much simpler than it sounds to replace an overhead light fixture. No matter how much money you have, it doesn’t have to break the bank. I recently purchased a $20 vintage light fixture from Etsy, but I had my eye on a few options from IKEA before making my final decision. Under-cabinet lighting is a must! The light bulb may have gone off, figuratively speaking.


Replace Any Worn-Out Shelf or Drawer Liners in Small Kitchen Renovation

It may be a long time from when you changed those shelf liners. Is it possible that you are completely devoid of any? Putting down a new non-stick liner will give you the opportunity of a Small Kitchen Renovation and to clean and organize your cabinets and drawers before you start using them again. A non-slip liner has countless applications. Consider using color instead of white as a finishing touch. Duck’s non-adhesive non-stick liner ($11.49 on Amazon) is my favorite. This is my favorite color; I wear it all the time. Oilcloth can also be used in drawers.


Rug It Up If You Want to Complete the Look

When I first laid down a red 4×6-inch cotton rug in my kitchen a few years ago, it made a difference. Since then, I’ve switched to FLOR tiles, which were a breeze to set up. They’ve held up well despite my frequent vacuuming.


Replace the Faucet in Small Kitchen Renovation

A simple way to Small Kitchen Renovation, especially if it’s a rental, is to install new countertops. Anyone can do it! Faucets can indeed be expensive, but as Faith pointed out, you can get a single-handle faucet for less than $80 and a nicer, high-arched faucet fixture for about $150, which is a small investment for something you use daily.


The Hardware Should Be Updated

Your cabinets can look completely different if you replace the old knobs and pulls with more modern or ornate ones in your Small Kitchen Renovation, especially if they’re contractor-grade.


Organize your Drawers and Cabinets with Pull-Out Shelves or Drawer Dividers in Small Kitchen Renovation

Organizing your kitchen with sliding shelves and organizer inserts is a great way to feel more in control of your space in the Small Kitchen Renovation. IKEA, The Container Store, simplehuman, and Rev-a-Shelf are some of our favorite sources for inserts and organizers.


Small Wire Shelves are a Great Way to Expand Your Storage Space

You can make the most of the space in your cabinets and even your refrigerator and freezer by installing wire shelves and under-cabinet baskets. The Container Store’s double cabinet shelves ($8.49) and under-shelf baskets ($6.99) are two of our favorite storage solutions.


Small Kitchen Renovation

Decide on an Excellent Dishrack in your Small Kitchen Renovation

Consider the Heavy-Duty Dish Rack in your Small Kitchen Renovation, which beats out two replacements of a cheap IKEA wooden dish rack that warped and cracked. Even after years of heavy use, I’d say it was well worth the money. With no dishwasher, having a sturdy dish rack can make all the difference, not to mention that it looks good on the counter.


Use a Countertop Cover to Hide Any Imperfections

It’s a big undertaking to install new countertops. Here are some ways to improve on what you already have. If you’re renting and unable to make permanent changes, consider placing a large, attractive cutting board on your countertop. It serves a purpose and looks great doing it!


Switchplates can be changed in Small Kitchen Renovation

Stainless steel switch plates have been installed in kitchens in the past and the present. This Small Kitchen Renovation has a significant impact. When it comes to cleaning, stainless steel plates are much easier to remove than plastic ones, and they tend to be more flush with the wall. If you want to go all out, you can buy or DIY a decorative switchplate with pretty washi tape from places like Anthropologie or other high-end retailers.

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