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12 Plumbing Tips for Every Homeowner- Part 1

Plumbing Tips

12 Plumbing Tips for Every Homeowner- Part 1

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Plumbing Tips – Plumbing disasters happen every day, even if they seem like a dramatic scenario. There is a symbiotic relationship between the various pipes, drains, and appliances in your home.

We tend to forget about the things we don’t see, and Plumbing systems are no exception. However, like everything else, your plumbing will eventually need to be repaired. The best way to avoid a plumbing problem is to be well-versed in the most common types of plumbing issues and how to fix them.

Here are the first six Plumbing tips that every homeowner should know.

Get familiar with your water mains

First and foremost, your water main Plumbing is the conduit through which water enters your home. Basements are the most commonplace to find, with the water heater nearby. A shutoff valve can be found on the water main (either a lever or wheel). When closed, this valve will stop all water from entering your home. If a major plumbing emergency occurs, such as a leak or a burst pipe, you should first turn off the main water valve.


Learn how you can Handle Clogged Drains in Plumbing System

A clogged drain will happen at some point in your Plumbing system. When we shower, our hair falls out and accumulates over a few months. First, you might think of using one of those liquid drain cleaners when you encounter a blockage. Avoid liquid drain cleaners like the plague; you’ve been warned. Liquid Plumber and similar products contain chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. Get a snake or similar tool to remove any debris clogging your pipes if your sink or tub keeps backing up.


Keep an Eye on the Pressure of the Water in Your Plumbing System

An essential part of a well-functioning Plumbing system. You should check your home’s water pressure as often as you can, just like you check your blood pressure when you go to the doctor. Any hardware or home improvement store sells a simple pressure gauge for a reasonable price.


Plumbing Tips

The Pressure Reducing Valve Must Be Working Properly

The water pressure in your home should be reduced to a safe level if you have high water pressure. Your pressure reducing valve (PRV), or PVR, can be installed (or replaced). Most homes that rely on a municipal water supply require a PRV. Since fire hydrants, high-elevation homes, and tall buildings require high-pressure water to be pumped, municipal water companies have to pump water at a high rate. In contrast, your home and its plumbing fixtures are built to handle pressures between 50 and 60 psi.


Take Care of Your Toilet Before it Damages your Plumbing

The first step is to make sure that you only flush toilet paper and your waste down the drain, and by doing this, you won’t damage the Plumbing system. Clogs can occur when cotton swabs, baby wipes, paper towels, and other items get stuck in your pipes. Pick up a plunger the next time you’re out shopping (we all get a clog eventually). In addition, you’ll want to check that your toilet is working properly before you leave. This is an obvious sign that something in your toilet tank is broken or malfunctioning. In other cases, a toilet leak can be so small that it doesn’t even make a sound when it occurs. Food coloring in the toilet tank will help you find any hidden leaks. When it’s been 30 minutes, check the water level in the toilet. If you detect any hue, you’ve got a leak.


Be Considerate of Your Garbage Disposal

There are some things that Plumbing garbage disposals can’t take care of, such as large amounts of food waste. Don’t flush down the toilet any fats, oils, or grease. If you allow them to cool, they will solidify, leading to blockages in your plumbing. Coldwater should be running through the garbage disposal drain for a few seconds before and after the disposal is turned on for the first time. To keep the blades of your garbage disposal from dulling, run a few ice cubes through it now and then. We hope you have noticed the first part of the plumbing tips.

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