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5 Facts about pocket doors

5 Facts about pocket doors

5 Facts about pocket doors

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Some frequent misconceptions can be found regarding pocket doors as an internal door solution in a home. Using the information in our fact-packed blog, you’ll become a master of pocket doors, which may save space, look nice, and be extremely practical. Now it’s time to learn about the best-kept secrets of these doors.

Pocket doors are sliding doors

Pocket doors are commonly misunderstood when referred to. ‘Pocket’ door gets its name from how it looks when it’s fully opened: it’s enclosed within a wall ‘pocket.’ To avoid drawing attention to itself, the door glides into a pocket built into the wall hollow. Depending on the opening size, these doors are available as singles or pairs, and they move (slide) along rollers hanging from a track. It’s important to note that these doors are a form of sliding door, but they should not be mistaken with fixed-to-the-wall sliding door systems.


In terms of space, pocket doors are a lifesaver

Because they don’t open into a room, these doors are well-known for saving a lot of floor space. As the sliding superheroes of all doors, sliding doors have unveiled that extra storage space and facilitated furniture layout in many a small and compact home. It’s time to think about how ideal pocket doors could be for you if you’re low on space.


pocket doors

The purchase of pocket doors is well worth it

These doors are a great investment if you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, as they provide for a wide range of design possibilities. A pocket door may be constructed from almost any sort of door and can be tailored to your style, build, and budget. So you’ll be able to use the space you have more creatively and efficiently than you would otherwise be able to. There are several reasons for this. Including the ability to have an en-suite bathroom that is impossible with standard doorways; or the ability to use your doors to create both privacy and wide-open spaces when needed. So that you don’t need to build an additional room.


With a little creativity, Pocket Doors can be both attractive and functional

Many people believe that are out of style; however, those days of simple panels on a runner are long gone. Pocket doors can be made out of any door, and they can be made out of any material. Pocket door systems are available in various sizes at JB Kind. For example, nearly all of our doors, whether glazed or solid, high-end design or economically appealing, are ideal for use as doors. Since so many options are available, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best to conserve space.


Pocket doors can be used in a variety of places

Because of this, it’s easy to narrow our focus while discussing these doors. When you are building a totally new residence or remodeling one, you may only think about sliding door options when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen. Or perhaps you’ve only thought about the bedroom and not the living room? Everyone needs a little help from the interior designer because of the variety of options available for these doors. Why not think about reducing space in your home and having matching doors throughout your property? Why not use sliding doors for more than simply an internal doorway between rooms? You could also use them to maximize storage space in your pantry or laundry room. Perfect pocket doors do not have to be merely practical and space-saving; they can also be intelligent, elegant, and chic.

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