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Benefits of Roman Shades and their different types

Benefits of Roman Shades and their different types

Benefits of Roman Shades and their different types

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What is the most versatile type of window treatment? Probably the Roman shades.

Even though they’ve been around for centuries, these shades are still a fashionable option for today’s homes. For a good reason, they’re so popular. These window treatments have a wide variety of styles. Thanks to our wide range of customization possibilities, there is a Roman shade out there for everyone.


Roman Shades: What Are They?

If you’re searching for a window treatment with a touch of elegance, a Roman shade can be the right choice. They have a pull cord or a continuous loop of cording that can raise and lower the shades. The cording governs the shade’s bottom draping. Because of this, cordless Roman blinds are not available from us.

Let’s take a look at different types of these shades.


Standard Flat Fold

With a flat fold, you may achieve a clean, modern look. When the shade is completely lowered, it seems flat. When the fabric is elevated, it forms a tight collection of folds like cellular shades when the light shines through. To go with floor-length drapes, this is the most common Roman shade style. They provide homeowners with more practical light filtering and privacy options than simply closing the drapes when used in tandem.


Plain Fold

Adding texture and body to a window treatment is easier with a straightforward fold design. Shades can be dropped all the way down, but the fold is still clearly visible. To make the fold more noticeable, it needs to be lifted. As a result, it’s a bit bulkier and wider than a normal flat fold. You’re probably picturing this when you think of Roman shades.


Soft Fold

It’s known as a “hobbled fold” because it makes rounder, softer folds while retaining a straight bottom. There is a delicate fold when it is elevated. The most voluminous effect can be achieved with these shades. When it’s lowered, you can view the curving fold in its entirety.


European Fold

Also known as a “soft grin” by interior designers, this form of Roman shade is termed “relaxed fold.” The bottom of this shade does not have a rod sewed into it like those more built or fitted looking. Straight, firm lines are drawn across the bottom of the pan by the rod’s use. In its absence, the cloth will not be able to drape in an organically soft curve.


Benefits of Roman Shades

roman shades

Window treatments come in a lot of styles and varieties. The burning question on your mind: Why this particular one? What’s the deal with Roman blinds? Here’s what we have to say:

Roman Shades look luxurious

We’ve created Roman shades that stand out from the crowd using only the finest materials. Like a well-tailored suit, the materials used in construction are critical. They seem like custom orders, even though you didn’t spend any money on them. You can choose soft linen, more structural flax, or a subtle design.


They Are Stylish

Window treatments like these shades won’t date your property, which is great if you’re worried about that. Customers have favored them for a long time and will never go out of style. If you choose these shades today, they will seem just as current in a few decades as they do right now.


Our Roman Shades are made specifically to suit Canada’s weather condition

roman shades in toronto

As you are aware, due to Canada’s weather conditions, the materials that are used can be damaged in no time but keep in mind that the materials we use for your blinds have great quality and are designed to fit Canada’s weather conditions. They are durable and long-lasting. So don’t worry because your blinds will be in good hands, and their quality is guaranteed.

All of the products and Roman Shades we offer are DIY, and you don’t need any outside help, but if you are busy or not familiar with the installation process, our experts can come at any time you desire and do the job for you.

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