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Complete Bathroom Renovation Toronto Guide

Complete Bathroom Renovation Toronto

Complete Bathroom Renovation Toronto Guide

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A bathroom renovation isn’t a simple undertaking, especially when you do it yourself. A complete bathroom renovation Toronto can still be done by a contractor, but even if you hire a tiler, plumber, or electrician to handle the bulk of the work, you must still manage the project and be familiar with how to conduct one to ensure that your tradies are not working on top of one another.

The whole process could take a long time. Because of this, you must plan and be realistic about your competition’s budget and time frame. The importance of planning your complete bathroom renovation Toronto before you begin cannot be overstated.

Here is a thorough bathroom renovation guide that I’d like to share with you today.

Starting your complete bathroom renovation Toronto

Your new bathroom renovation can begin once you’ve removed your old one.



However, before you get started, it’s crucial to keep in mind that waterproofing is a common omission. In today’s complete bathroom renovation Toronto, the largest issue we encountered is a bathroom that has not been waterproofed. Your bathroom should be properly sealed to minimize water leaks, which can cause structural damage and even attract termites if left unchecked.



Waterproofing the bathroom will allow you to begin installing your new fixtures. The bathroom vanity and bath can be installed at this time (if you have an inset bath). You can buy pre-assembled bathroom vanities, making this process less daunting. Once the tiling has been completed, the remaining fixtures can be placed.



The tiling can now proceed. If you’re tiling a tiny area like a bathroom, you’ll likely need the help of an expert tiler. However, if you’d rather do it yourself, there are many online tools to help.



Once the tiling is done, you can proceed to install other fittings so that the plumber can get started. Shower screens, freestanding bathtubs, and other fixtures, such as bathroom waste and faucets are all included. Ensure your plumber has your toilet set ready to go when he arrives.


Electricity and lighting

The lighting can now be installed after the plumbing work is finished and an on-site electrician. Consider any additional electrical work that may be required in your bathroom, such as power points or heated towel racks. The value of your home adds up when you have a well-functioning bathroom.


Accessories and painting

Painting the ceiling and any exposed walls are the final part of complete bathroom renovation Toronto.

After that, you can add practical bathroom accessories to finish off your look. These include toilet paper holders, towel bars and hooks; shower shelving; soap and robe holders, and robe hooks.


Complete Bathroom Renovation Toronto

The Bottom line

Bathroom remodeling isn’t a simple undertaking. Meticulous planning and administration are required to ensure that everything happens according to schedule and without a hitch.

Before a complete bathroom renovation Toronto, think about why you want it renovated in the first place. Determine how much money you have to work with, and build your project around that amount. You can then begin the renovation once the planning is complete.

First and foremost, the room must be totally watertight. Once the room has been made waterproof, it is possible to install the tiled-in fixtures, such as the vanity and the inset bath. The tiler can then proceed to lay the tiles and grout them. The remaining fixtures may now be placed, allowing the plumber to start. The water supply can then be connected to all the fittings. It’s now only a matter of painting and decorating your new bathroom. Contact us now!

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