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Expert tips on stairs renovation Toronto

stairs renovation Toronto

Expert tips on stairs renovation Toronto

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Both as an aesthetic statement and as a practical means of getting from one floor to the next, the stairway in your house is an important feature, and after some years, you may need stairs renovation Toronto. First impressions might be tarnished by a dingy staircase, especially if visitors are present. In most circumstances, there usually is very little (or nothing) wrong with the functionality of your staircase.

With this fact, it may be presumed that you are planning stairs renovation Toronto because you want to make an aesthetic upgrade to your property. Treads, risers, spindles, and handrails that were installed before current building codes may begin to loosen or get damaged.

Please seek the assistance of an experienced joiner, carpenter, or expert in the home remodeling sector should you be experiencing any issues with your staircase and staircase frame. Assuming all is well with your staircase, altering the look doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some helpful recommendations for remodeling your staircase:

Do it yourself or hire a professional for stairs renovation Toronto

As part of the renovation of the stairs Toronto, a typical stairway can be installed in a few days by an expert. A DIY project to replace the handrails, base rails, spindles, and newel posts on a staircase railing can save you money on installation charges if you’re comfortable working with wood. Depending on how the elements are connected, some stair remodeling kits are simpler to install than others.


Install a new handrail

You may remodel your home with minimal inconvenience and price by simply changing out the stair sections. Just changing the handrail may be enough to transform the aesthetic of an old staircase.


Clad oak stair treads and risers in place of worn ones for stairs renovation Toronto

What’s the condition of your treads and risers? Your best bet during stairs renovation Toronto could be to go stair-clad. You can now use stair cladding as the most inventive solution to modify your staircase without spending money on a new one. Using high-quality stair-clad supplies and some simple DIY skills, you can create the look of an oak staircase.


Get your paintbrush ready

To give your staircase a new lease on life, paint the treads, risers, spindles, newel posts, and railings to give them a fresh look. Before applying your new paint, sand down the wood surface completely to remove any existing varnish or paint and then prime the surface with a stain-blocking primer to seal in any knots. A semi-gloss finish is best achieved with two or more applications.


Carpets are a good choice for stairs renovation Toronto

Another alternative for stairs renovation Toronto is to use carpet to hide your dingy stairwell. Carpets can be used to make a stunning statement that guests will remember for a long time, thanks to the wide variety of colors and styles available. If the treads and risers in your staircase are in excellent shape, a carpet runner can be installed in the middle, and the exterior portions painted or varnished.


stairs renovation Toronto

Paint the stairwell

A little paint goes a long way in stairs renovation Toronto. Before painting the steps, it is necessary to prepare them. Using 60 or 80 grit sandpaper, you should sand down the areas where you wish to paint until the wood is smooth and free of dirt. The higher the quality, the more important it is to choose floor-rated paint.

It doesn’t matter what color you opt for, but we found dark colors to be the most successful at hiding dirt and marks. Clear urethane is a good choice for the final layer because it will protect the wood for years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Condocosmetics if you need assistance with your stair improvements.

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