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Fixed Shades are great choice for more light distribution

Fixed Shades are great choice for more light distribution

Fixed Shades are great choice for more light distribution

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Custom-made for each window, fixed shades offer superior solar protection and light distribution. To give your room more character and depth, consider using a static shade as an accent.


Features of fixed shades

  • Provide the same level of protection and light control as traditional roller blinds in situations when a traditional solution is not possible.
  • Any shade cloth or window geometry can be custom-fitted.
  • Mounting options include using the window frame, the ceiling, or even the wall as a support
  • Velcro can be used to attach Freeform Fixed Shades, which can be trimmed to fit any window.
  • Shadecloth can be printed with custom inkjet images and attached to windows.


Fixed Shades

If you’re looking for a custom window treatment for your home, Condocosmetics can help. Because of our ability to tailor each window treatment to the window, we can provide a wide range of options that you won’t find in typical retailers.

Fixed shades may be an alternative for many individuals who have problems putting shades, shutters, or blinds to their windows. When it comes to windows with odd frames, these shades are the best option. In addition to measuring and installing permanent shades for these kinds of windows, we can also make sure that the shade type you choose matches your preferences for interior decor.

There are many different types of fixed shade options to choose from, such as privacy, sun screening, and opaque or transparent. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly window treatments, we also have options for you. You’ll have gorgeous and useful fixed shades installed in your room, enhancing its aesthetics while preserving the functionality provided by your windows.

The best results for your new window treatments can only be achieved when you collaborate with a professional. Condocosmetics is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your new window treatment installation, in addition to providing tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. We’ll take care of everything for you, from the initial consultation to the final implementation.

Be mindful that this non-operable shade is a part of the window’s architecture. When faced with unusual window frame shapes, such as arches, angled, or inclined windows, as well as solariums, permanent shades are generally the preferred solution.


What is a top fixed shade?

There is a top-fixed blind that is attached to the upper portion of the window. This is the most typical way to install blinds since it results in a neat and snug fit within the window opening, creating a streamlined and space-saving result.

Although a top-fixed blind is designed to cover the whole window recess, it may leave a small light gap around its edge due to the fittings. To close the light gap, use face-fixed blinds.


What is a face-fixed shade?

A face-fixed blind is installed directly on the wall above the window opening and cannot be raised or lowered. The blind covers the entire window by overlapping with the wall. The larger blinds benefit from the window recess because they avoid any light gap at the borders.

There are times when the selection of blinds is limited. As an illustration, a top fixed blind would hinder the operation of a room-entering window, necessitating the installation of face fixed shades instead.


Our Fixed Shades are made specifically to suit Canada’s weather condition

As you are aware, due to Canada’s weather conditions, the materials that are used can be damaged in no time but keep in mind that the materials we use for your blinds have great quality and are designed to fit Canada’s weather conditions. They are durable and long-lasting. So don’t worry because your blinds will be in good hands, and their quality is guaranteed.

All of the products and Fixed shades we offer are DIY, and you don’t need any outside help, but if you are busy or not familiar with the installation process, our experts can come at any time you desire and do the job for you. Contact Us now!

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