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Great modern home renovation Toronto ideas to use in your projects

modern home renovation Toronto

Great modern home renovation Toronto ideas to use in your projects

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative and eye-catching modern home renovation Toronto ideas to give you plenty of ideas for your own home. The makeover ideas are innovative and unique, but they also benefit from being doable and sure to wow. So, what are you waiting for? Get your renovation project off to a fantastic start by browsing through our creative renovation design ideas collection.

Make a bond with your garden

Make a bond with your garden

Here is a ‌ modern home renovation Toronto idea to improve the flow of light into your house and connect it to the outside world is what you’re looking for. Take a peek at this stunning renovation of a Victorian terrace. Small French doors in the kitchen made it difficult for the owners of this property to see the garden beyond. A big picture window overlooking their yard has been installed in a side return extension, and a sliding door to the side provides access and opens the new area.


Develop a Broken Plan Layout |modern home renovation Toronto

Develop a Broken Plan Layout

For some people, an open-plan living arrangement is not the best option. In modern home renovation Toronto, open plan areas can make it difficult to create more private, personal areas, despite their obvious advantages in making the most of tiny spaces. These open floor plans can be zoned using partitions such as partial walls, internal windows, and room dividers called a “broken plan.” Large and small houses alike can benefit from this approach. Large steel girders and a cylindrical steel pillar are used in the remodeling and extension project to partition the whole kitchen from the dining area and provide structural support.


Give a New Look to Your Existing Openings

Existing Openings

Modern-house owners often have very different expectations of their homes than their original owners had. Making a period home functional for modern occupants without sacrificing the home’s inherent charm is no easy task. Even though they were no longer needed, the listed properties’ sensitive character necessitated that these apertures are not simply bricked-up.


Internal Glass Doors |modern home renovation Toronto

Internal Glass Doors

It is a great technique in modern home renovation Toronto to allow light to flow between rooms using glass interior doors. Renovating a terraced or semi-detached home, where the core rooms are generally dark and devoid of windows, necessitates this consideration. Interior doors made of metal in the industrial style are extremely popular right now because they look great and serve a practical purpose.


Exposed Brickwork

Exposed Brickwork

We believe one of the best modern home renovation Toronto ideas is to leave the original finish in its natural state. This gives the room a raw, industrial feel without the need for plastering or other expensive finishing touches. With the sleek black of the new kitchen units and the smooth vinyl floor, exposed brickwork in this Victorian terrace makeover stands out well against the sleek black.


Moldings are still a great choice in modern home renovation Toronto


It would be remiss of us not to include architectural moldings in our list of modern home renovation Toronto ideas. Decorative moldings, such as the well-known ceiling roses and deep skirting boards, were common in older homes. The owners have cleverly highlighted the ceiling moldings and original fireplaces in this Edwardian semi-detached house, who utilized a rich blue on the walls and joinery to contrast with the pristine white finish.


Change the color of your bathroom

Change the color of your bathroom

There is nothing more classic than a white-tiled bathroom with a touch of marble or wood. Add color to your bathroom to make a statement, whether with feature tiles, statement tapware, or statement lighting.


Include a beautiful walk-in wardrobe in modern home renovation Toronto

walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are an excellent way to keep your clothing and shoe collection organized if you have space in modern home renovation Toronto. Make sure to include enough open storage so that you can quickly see your goods for that extra glitzy touch. If you have any questions about the above ideas, contact us at Condocosmetics.

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