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How to Save a Good Amount of Money on a Home Remodel

Home Remodel

How to Save a Good Amount of Money on a Home Remodel

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If you’ve considered all of your options and decided to go for a Home Remodel, here are some essential helpful hints to keep in mind.

Do not increase size in Home Remodel, but efficiently instead

It’s possible that you don’t need to tear down your kitchen walls for a Home Remodel to get more space. Instead of using up valuable shelf space, install 8-inch-wide pullout drawers at cabinet height for storing items like canned goods and other bulky items. Upgrades such as pull-out pot trays can easily cost several thousand dollars. But if you can do this without those features, you’ll save a lot of money.


Without adding windows, allow the sun’s rays to fill the room

Consider less invasive and expensive methods of capturing light in your Home Remodel before making a big hole in your house’s side and rearranging the framing. Installing a “light tube,” which slides between roof rafters and funnels sunlight down into the living space, can help brighten a bathroom or hallway without windows.


Home Remodel

For a Home Remodel, pick up some recyclables at the local landfill

Recycled or lightly used quality fixtures and building materials can save do-it-yourselfers a lot of money. About 400 ReStores are operated by Habitat for Humanity across the United States, which sells salvaged materials at half the price of a typical home center. However, some contractors are reluctant to work with salvaged items or homeowner-supplied materials because they are afraid of being held responsible for any accidents. However, if you’re doing the work yourself, you can find everything from prehung doors to acrylic skylights to partial insulation bundles.


Create your demo

When it comes to demolishing your home, you can save money by doing some of the demolition yourself—provided you take precautions. If a homeowner wants to tear down their deck, Michael Winn, the owner of Winn Design in Virginia, believes they can handle it. As for interior spaces, I would discourage them from doing it unless they have done so before,” he says. A careless wrecker could accidentally knock down a load-bearing wall or, worse, plunge a reciprocating saw into wiring or pressurized plumbing.


Think long term in Home Remodel, not just short term gains

Pre-primed and pre painted clapboard siding in Home Remodel, for example, will save you time and money in the long run if you use it for your addition. However, you’ll pay for half as many paint jobs down the road.  What is the reason for this? Under controlled conditions, factory-applied finishes are applied to dry wood. Pre-finished clapboards were used on the house about ten years ago, and the only flaw in the finish is the occasional mildew spot, which can be easily washed away. The paint looks like it’ll last another ten years or so with no issues.


Don’t spend a lot of money on Home Remodel wall prep

Use Texturglas in Home Remodel; if your walls are in such bad shape, a painting contractor would have to fill and sand them for days before they were ready for the roller. Using glass filaments, Texturglas is a wall covering that is both breathable and nontoxic. It resembles the fiberglass matting used in auto body shops. A variety of surface patterns are available, and it can be painted right over the top of existing surfaces, so it’s strong and hides minor damage simultaneously.


Decide Early in Home Remodel

Before the wrecking crew arrives for Home Remodel, scout the aisles of the hardware store or home center. Get a sense of what fixtures and appliances you need and how much they cost. An allowance is an estimate from your contractor, and his definition of what is acceptable may be quite different from yours if you aren’t specific about what you want upfront. As Tom Silva puts it, “Ninety-eight percent of the time, allowances are inadequate.” Your contractor’s bid may have been for ceramic, but you may have wanted a glass-tile backsplash.

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