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Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a New Look in Your Space

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a New Look in Your Space

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There are times when well-done kitchen remodels won’t be timeless, even if a reputable contractor does it. The right Modern Kitchen Remodel can transform any space into the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Learn about some new ideas for Modern Kitchen Remodel.

Keep Clean Lines in your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Clean, simple architectural lines are a hallmark of Modern Kitchen Remodel. Naked Kitchens used straight lines to great effect to achieve a minimalist look. To keep the space as bold and tonal as possible, paint the cabinetry hardware the same color as the doors.


Allow More Light to Enter Your Life

Blend the dining area and the kitchen space to create an open-concept feel. In Julian Porcino’s kitchen, the rooms seamlessly merge to create a cohesive look that makes the space appear larger. The design is simple but sophisticated with oversized pendant lights, custom wood beams, and white Scandinavian-inspired chairs.


Opt for Contrast

The contrast between the lower cabinetry and the bright walls is created by darkening the lower half of the room. Modern Kitchen Remodel designers painted the kitchen island and the main cabinets in a bright color, which they paired with white paint for the walls and ceiling to create a striking contrast. These stunning skylights are brought into focus by globe pendant lights, exaggerating the room’s height.


Be Natural in Modern Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen island is sleek in a Modern Kitchen Remodel, but it still has a natural feel. This polished stone looks like it was mined right out of the ground. Warm wood shelving and gold hardware look great with the white walls and neutral countertops.


Use Bold Lines

Using lines to guide the viewer’s gaze is a tried-and-true design trick, but it’s particularly evident here. It is a modern kitchen with thin wood slats that run along with the ceiling and down the wall instead of large beams. A unique chandelier serves as a centerpiece in the middle of the dining room and kitchen.


Go for Gold in Modern Kitchen Remodel

We’re big fans of coordinating hardware in a room, but a Modern Kitchen Remodel in gold is something else. We not only chose to use the same finish for the plumbing and cabinet handles, but they also framed each cabinet door with golden outlines. In this kitchen, the combination of white textures and marble backsplash is what we’ve always wanted.


Make a Statement with a Color of Your Choice

The best place to begin when using strong colors is with the one you want to draw attention to the most. By Charlie Coull Designs, matte black paint is the unifying factor in this kitchen’s design. The dark color of the cabinetry draws the eye around the room while highlighting the brighter areas of the kitchen.


Modern Kitchen Remodel

Improve Your Backsplash in Modern Kitchen Remodel

Reena Sotropa’s home is brimming with character. The backsplash, which features floral patterns and matching hardware, contrasts beautifully with the Modern Kitchen Remodel cabinetry and appliances. Playful yet contemporary, this design has us swooning over and over again.


Blend Modern With Traditional

This kitchen by Maite Granda is a great example of combining a contemporary look with traditional furnishings. The tile floors’ neutral tones blend seamlessly with the room’s warm wallpaper and furniture textures, while small pops of blue can be found strewn about. Modern-retro barstools and waterfall countertops on a white island give the kitchen a sleek look with wood undertones


Select Open Shelving in Modern Kitchen Remodel

When done correctly in Modern Kitchen Remodel, open shelving can perfectly complement the sleek cabinetry that is a staple of modern design. Natural wood shelves display white dinnerware to match the subway tile backsplash in this design by Katherine Carter. Different textures, such as dark grout and smooth bowls, help break up the all-white look of the room.

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