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The major advantages of Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

The major advantages of Vertical blinds

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There is nothing wrong with Vertical blinds, and we’re not just stating this since we’re a blinds retailer. They’re very versatile, capable, and handy with their unique method of covering a window.

If you’ve never seen one before, let me start by saying hello and asking where you’ve been. In the case of Vertical blinds, the headrail and the vertical strips of fabric known as louvers make up the bulk of the structure. Some louvers hang from the window’s headrail. They can also be tilted thanks to the cables that hold them in place across the window.


Patio doors benefit greatly from Vertical blinds

Shading it is likely to be a difficult task if you have a huge glass patio door. Most of the time, you want to see through the door while also shading the glass. It is good to have a vertical blind since you can pull the blind close to the entrance and yet access the door. Any other blind would necessitate crouching down or fiddling with it every time.


Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows

A vertical blind in a long window, on the other hand, is the best option for patio doors and large windows. Venetian blinds are difficult to operate on large windows because of their weight, and roller blinds have the disadvantage of appearing like a solid block of color, which some people find offensive. Window shading with blinds is more delicate because of the fabric louvers that dangle from the slats of the blinds.


They provide the impression that the ceiling is higher than it really is

If you want to create a sense of height in a room, you should use vertical lines. Vertical blinds are the same way. Use a vertical blind to subtly suggest height when running across floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors instead of stripy wallpaper (and risk vertigo in the process).


Easy to control sunlight

Vertical blinds can be tilted and angled the same way as Venetian blinds. Depending on the sun’s location, it is possible to block out sunlight while allowing one to see outside completely.


Vertical blinds

Large selection of colors to choose from

When you shop with Condocosmetics, you’ll never have a problem selecting the perfect vertical blind for your home. It’s easy to find something to match your style among the many colors and fabrics available at our store. We have blackout fabrics that completely block out light, as well as dimout fabrics that let in just enough light to cast a cozy glow over the room.


Made with high-quality components

Vertical blinds from Condocosmetics are made of high-quality materials. These blinds are built to last and are composed of high-quality components widely used in demanding areas like workplaces and commercial spaces. Still not convinced?


Considerations to Know About Vertical Blinds

Because of their guided track system and bigger slats, Vertical blinds need a deeper installation depth than other types of blinds. Before purchasing blinds, make sure they meet the minimum depth requirements. If you’re looking for perfect seclusion and light-blocking, you’ll have to go elsewhere. If privacy and light control are important, you may want to look elsewhere.

Vertical blinds are best suited for large windows, sliding glass, or patio doors and not for small windows.


Our Vertical blinds are designed specifically for the weather conditions in Canada

As you know, the materials used for your blinds can be destroyed quickly due to Canada’s weather conditions, but keep in mind that the materials we use for your blinds are of high quality and are meant to withstand Canada’s weather conditions. They are long-lasting and durable. So don’t be concerned; your blinds will be in good hands, and their quality will be guaranteed.

All of the items and Vertical blinds we offer are do-it-yourself, and you don’t need any outside help, but if you’re too busy or are unfamiliar with the installation process, our specialists may come at any time and perform the job for you.

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