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Toronto renovation guide for beginners

Toronto renovation

Toronto renovation guide for beginners

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Toronto is a dynamic and energetic metropolis with a wide variety of housing options. If you’re considering a Toronto renovation, you need to ensure it’s done well the first time around! Even the smallest renovation can spiral out of control without proper planning, whether in terms of budget, who you hire when you renovate, or what you renovate.

This guide explains some of the most important things to keep in mind when planning Toronto renovation so that you will be able to be more confident that the work will be done correctly.

Toronto renovation guide

Things you should keep in mind when planning a Toronto renovation


Your money will go further if you arrange your Toronto renovation in an organized manner. You may have seen online price guides, but these can be misleading because each renovation is tailored to your specific needs and available space. A good rule of thumb is to get at least three bids from potential contractors before deciding. Always inquire about the finish items included in a quote so you can make an informed decision about what they are offering. You should also build a relationship of trust with a reputable contractor during this process. When putting together your renovation spending plan, keep the following things in mind:

  • Your home’s current state
  • In which room(s) are you planning to do some remodeling?
  • A list of jobs to be performed (Breaking down walls, plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  • The price of installing brand-new fittings
  • Renovating a large area
  • List of changes you’d like to see (including what you absolutely must have!)
  • Working with a designer or contractor, they have to be able to recommend alternatives to items on your wish list so that you can stay within your financial constraints.


When to renovate in Toronto during different seasons?

The weather might affect the optimum time to begin a Toronto renovation. In the winter, temporary insulation and heating to keep the dirt or concrete from freezing can be prohibitive. Thus excavation and foundation should be avoided at all costs. Renovations are in high demand during the summer, so it’s best to reserve yours as soon as possible. Remember, this can be done at any time of year for interior remodeling. Your contractor will ensure that your pipes don’t freeze if you’re doing a winter renovation and won’t be living there.


Temperature and energy-saving tips for Toronto renovation

Making your home more energy-efficient helps the environment and saves you money on your monthly energy costs and Toronto renovation. The City of Toronto has a list of cash incentives you can apply for energy-saving initiatives. The following are examples of household energy-saving projects:

  • Your furnace/boiler/water heater/air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Inspecting and repairing the seals around doors, windows, and skylights
  • Updating your appliances to ones that use less energy
  • Duct-sealing/air sealing
  • Putting on a green/cool roof to replace the old one
  • Installation of a heat pump
  • Replacing the insulation in the walls and the attic
  • Converting to energy-efficient light bulbs in every room
  • The use of an intelligent thermostat


Building Permits and Blueprints

A building permit is required for many house modifications in Toronto renovation. When a permit is issued, the city will conduct inspections throughout the renovation process at various points. There are zoning laws that must be considered when remodeling your homes, such as the maximum heights, widths, and floor area that can be added or removed. Your plans will need to be drawn up by a registered designer with a BCIN, an OAA-qualified architect, or a qualified engineer to get the necessary permits (PEO). Permissions for plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical work, and landscaping are examples of additional permits you may need. Our blog has a lot of information on Toronto Building Permits.

It’s not necessary to get bogged down in paperwork. The licensed designers and contractors employed by a renovation company like Condocosmetics will draw up your plans and apply for the necessary permits for your renovation. Additionally, designers are involved in the renovation process from start to finish to ensure that the work is completed in accordance with plans.

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