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What are Graphic Shades?

graphic shades

What are Graphic Shades?

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When it comes to selecting commercial window coverings, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many options out there! You might go for a straightforward and functional look, or you can go all out with a vibrant, eye-catching color scheme. Condocosmetics, on the other hand, would like to point out a choice you may not have known about: graphic shades.

Graphic shades are a version of roller shades that are a little more unique. The top of your window has a roll of roller blinds that you may draw down to lower the shade. To fit any window, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of colors. You can use your logo, images of your product or service, action shots, or even photos of landscapes that you like to decorate your roller shades. Depending on the number of windows in your home, you may choose to combine some or all of these alternatives. Let us know what you need to be printed, and we’ll work with you to get it done.

Our favorite thing about graphic colors is that it allows customers to mix two costs. With these shades, businesses no longer have to decide whether they need other signs, posters, or stickers for their windows. Their walls and merchandise are protected from sun bleaching, and they can also save money by using more efficient heating and cooling. When it’s hot and sunny outside, lowering the blinds can help keep a structure a little cooler by reflecting away the sun’s rays.


Benefits of Graphic Shades

graphic shades

  • Colors, clarity, and detail are all enhanced by high-resolution printing technology.
  • Allow you to be as creative as you want when it comes to showcasing your individuality.
  • This UV-blocking layer keeps floors and furnishings safe from damage caused by the sun.
  • Graphic shades and digitally printed shades are available in opaque, translucent, and light-filtering options for solar and roller shades.
  • Graphic solar blinds are an excellent choice for businesses since they provide a clear view of the outside.
  • There are a variety of user-friendly operating systems with a wide range of graphic options.
  • The use of an electric lift mechanism ensures the safety of your children and pets.
  • Instead of UV ink, we utilize safe latex ink to print our hues.
  • Using these blinds in a child’s room allows them to display all of their favorite pictures and themes.
  • These shades allow you to add your personal touch by allowing you to use any image or artwork as a background.
  • Theme rooms like a home theater by recreating images from the movies.


What are the fabric options for this product?

When it comes to vibrant colors and fine details, vinyl, and other solid textiles are your best bet. In addition, materials with openness factors of 1% and 3% yield great performance as sunblocks.

Oyster, bone, and chalk are good examples of fabrics on which coloration pops out the finest. When printing on beige or ivory-colored paper, the colors will be less vibrant. Printing white ink on dark materials is also an option.

To assist our customers to save money while improving the appearance of their homes and businesses, Condocosmetics is continually searching for new and innovative items. One of these products is unquestionably graphic hues. Contact us today if you’re curious about your window marketing possibilities and how graphic shades might help you.


Our Graphic Shades are made specifically to suit Canada’s weather condition

As you are aware, due to Canada’s weather conditions, the materials that are used can be damaged in no time but keep in mind that the materials we use for your blinds have great quality and are designed to fit Canada’s weather conditions. They are durable and long-lasting. So don’t worry because your blinds will be in good hands, and their quality is guaranteed.

All of the products and Graphic Shades we offer are DIY, and you don’t need any outside help, but if you are busy or not familiar with the installation process, our experts can come at any time you desire and do the job for you. Contact Us now!


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