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What are panel tracks?

What are panel tracks?

What are panel tracks?

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Panel tracks are a great choice for large windows and doors because of their ease of installation. Sliding track systems normally have wheels to make it easier to move the panel. Above the window or door frame, the track is installed. Simply slide the wand down the track to open or close the panel.

Venetian and vertical blinds have been around for a long time, but panel tracks have recently entered the fray. With a panel track blind, you’ll have less dust, less movement, and more options for interior design. Choosing the right window treatment can significantly impact a family’s ability to sleep peacefully at night. Blinds with panel track systems are safer because they don’t have dangling cords but rather a stick wand.


How do they look, and where can we use them?

panel tracks

Panel tracks are less likely to break or need to be replaced since the track keeps them firmly in place. Weighted panel bottoms are available on some models to keep the panel in place by gravity. There are a wide variety of materials and patterns to choose from for the panels. They come in a wide variety of materials, including cloth, sheer weave, vinyl, woven or solid wood, and woven or solid wood. Kitchen and bathroom vinyl blinds are particularly popular due to their moisture resistance. Vinyl panels, which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge, may be a welcome convenience for parents with young children.

Velcro® can be used to attach panels to the track, making it simple to remove and reattach them. A ripped panel can be readily replaced by a homeowner or a staff member in a business structure. This also makes it easy to alter the look of your home according to the seasons. Panel track blinds are easy to install, even if you don’t have any prior experience. This also saves room above the window or door because of the narrow tracks.

Using panel tracks as room dividers is also a cost-effective option. They are attractive when heavy, bulky room dividers are undesirable or building a wall is impractical. Depending on the size of your room, various sizes are possible. In the same way, as with the panels that cover windows and doors, homeowners can choose between opaque and transparent types.


Panel Tracks Have Many Advantages

It’s only natural for you, the customer, to be worried about the benefits of the blinds or shades you choose. The panel track shades are the same. Investing in these window treatments has the following advantages :



Numerous applications are possible for these window coverings. As part of the installation process, you have the option of choosing which way they should be stacked while a window or door is open. When employed as dividers in an open-plan room, they can be more than just window treatments.


No dust

It is designed to collect the least amount of dust possible, maintaining its elegant appearance. With these blinds or shades, a little care goes a long way. Use a low-power handheld vacuum to remove the dust and clean away any fingerprints that may be present.



Regarding aesthetics, the concept of style in window coverings is always growing. Thanks to their elegant design, for a relatively new window treatment, panel tracks have quickly become a popular choice among purchasers. It’s perfect for contemporary and modern homes, as well as those with a limited amount of square footage.



They’re on-trend and adaptable, so they’re a great option for any home. In addition, you may have them manufactured to order in several colors and fabrics to suit the window or door properly.



Cord-operated window treatments are usually not the best option if you have youngsters. Panel tracks may be operated with ease for adults and children alike, and there is no risk of injury. Because of their wheel-sliding mechanism, this is the case.



Because they are track-operated, these window coverings are less prone to malfunction than other window treatments that are corded or motorized. As a result, you’ll save a lot of money on maintenance and repairs.


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