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Window treatments: how do you pick the right one?

Window treatments

Window treatments: how do you pick the right one?

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Finding the perfect window treatment isn’t as simple as it seems. We have various designs and styles available for Window treatments, from roller blinds and curtains to shutters and Venetians.

Because many of you are in the midst of construction or renovation and must make a decision soon, I thought it would be beneficial to share some considerations and suggestions to make your decision easier.


Here are our pro tips for choosing Window treatments that best suits your needs

Decide on the budget

Consider the cost of some Window treatments before making a decision. Due to a limited budget, some window covering options may be immediately ruled out. You may also decide to order and install the blinds yourself rather than having them installed by the provider. Keep in mind that online purchases can save you up to 50%.


Decide on style of Window treatments

Some Window treatments are better suited to interior design styles than others. Consider the style you’re going for and do some research to find the best window treatment for it. Take a look at Houzz and Pinterest, for example.


Select the appropriate color scheme

To get a better idea of how a product will look in your home, request samples or swatches from the company you’re considering. Warm white Window treatments may look yellowish if you have cool white walls and vice versa. The color of your windows may appear bluish if you have warm white walls and use cool white fabric. Textures and patterns can be used to add interest. Ask for samples from places you’ve never been before to see how they look in your own house.


Determine the finer details

Making small decisions can make a big difference once you’ve decided on a color or finish and a choice of option. Face-mounted or recessed, left or right control, chain, cord, cordless, or wand control, track color, base rail color, etc., are all possibilities. You’ll be able to make these choices easier if you’ve done your research on your preferred interior design style.


Window treatments

Find a Window treatments provider

Window treatments can be purchased online for as much as a 50% discount, as previously mentioned. When shopping for blinds, don’t limit yourself to local brick-and-mortar establishments; many great options are available online.


Privacy is important

Choosing Window treatments depends heavily on the amount of privacy you desire. We can enjoy the view from our windows, but passersby can also see inside our homes. Consider the room’s purpose and how much privacy you desire. Sheer curtains may be sufficient in certain rooms. Others may prefer light-blocking blinds or shades or even fully opaque curtains that can be opened and closed completely. Windows in bathrooms and bedrooms may require more privacy than in other home areas. Light filtering and privacy considerations can be further customized by using a combination of sheer and opaque coverings.


Our Window treatments are specifically designed for the climate in Canada

As you may be aware, the materials used for your blinds can be quickly destroyed due to the weather conditions in Canada; however, keep in mind that the materials we use for your blinds are of high quality and are designed to withstand the elements in Canada. They are strong and long-lasting. Don’t worry; your blinds will be in good hands, and their quality will be ensured.

All of the items and Window treatments we offer are do-it-yourself so that you won’t need any outside assistance. However, if you’re too busy or unfamiliar with the installation process, our professionals can come in at any time and complete the job for you.

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